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Yurii Kot

Welcome to the official website of renowned Ukrainian pianist Yurii Kot. With his virtuosic technique, breathtaking interpretations, and deep emotional connection to the music, Yurii Kot has captivated audiences around the world
Photo by Evgeny Sosnovsky


Photo of Yurii Kot

YURII KOT - The Prizewinner of National and International Competitions, People Artist of Ukraine, Professor of Piano Department of the National Academy of Music of Ukraine, Laureate of the L.Revutskyi National Prize of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, National Composers’ Union of Ukraine and National All-Ukrainian Music Union for concert activities and performing of modern music.

    More than 40 years of creative, concert and teaching activity.
    Hundreds of concert performances in prestigious concert halls around the world.
    More than 50 graduate students majoring in solo piano.
    More than 20 graduate students are laureates of international piano competitions.


● Pianist Yurii Kot's repertoire includes works spanning the period from the Baroque era to the present day. These are works for solo piano, for piano accompanied by an orchestra, and also for piano as a participant in chamber ensembles of various types.
The pianist's repertoire includes such significant cycles as all of Beethoven's piano sonatas, all Beethoven sonatas for piano and violin, as well as for piano and cello, all of Mozart's piano concertos, two volumes of Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, as well as all 57 mazurkas, scherzos and ballads of Chopin's.
The pianist's repertoire is constantly enriched with new works.

Photo of Yurii Kot


Promo video


Bach-Siloti, Prelude in B minor, arr. for piano and orchestra by Iryna Aleksiychuk


Reinhold Glière, Concert for coloratura soprano, 1 mov. Andriy ILKIV, trumpet in EsJurii KOT, piano


Frederic Chopin, Cuatro Impromptu


Stanislav Lyudkevich "Chabarashka" for flute and pianoYuriy SHUTKO, flute Yurii KOT, piano

Piano Duo Iryna Aleksiychuk & Yurii Kot

A world-renowned piano duo consisting of Honored Artist of Ukraine, laureate of national and international competitions, laureate of the art prizes named after L.Revutsky, A.Vedel and M.Lysenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Composition of the National Music Academy of Ukraine Iryna Aleksiychuk and People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of national and international competitions, laureate of the art prize named after L.Revutsky, professor of the department of special piano No.1 National Music Academy of Ukraine Yurii Kot.Photo by Igor Demchuk

Photo of Piano Duo Iryna Aleksiychuk&Yurii Kot
Photo of Yurii Kot

Сalendar of events

Creative activity of Yurii Kot is full of various interesting events. In this section you can view the calendar and details of upcoming and past events.

    Concert performances
    Conducting master classes
    Participation in the work of the jury of music competitions
    Lecture appearances
    Participation in scientific conferences

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